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(c)2005-10 Copyright Anne Luder, you are welcome to print out a copy for your own personal use, for all other uses please contact me first.

Gluten Free Dafna

Serves 10

A slow long cooked dishes, easy to make, and cheap, filling, comforting and warming on a long winter Shabbat and makes a change from Cholent

300g chickpeas (pre-soaked)
1.2kilos (3lb) shin or stewing beef
1 kilo (2.2)lb minced beef
12 eggs
4fl oz honey
100g (3½oz) chickpea flour
1 large onion)
Head of garlic
¼ tsp each ground mace, turmeric, cloves
1 tsp each cinnamon & cumin
300g uncooked rice
10 medium potatoes
4 sweet potatoes (or parsnips)
6 carrots
10 dates or 12 dried apricots
Clean piece of muslin or net curtain

Slice the onion, cut the vegetables into chunks about 5cms (2ins). Separate the garlic into cloves & peel. Wash the eggs

Mix the mince with 2 eggs, honey, cinnamon, cloves and chickpea flour to make a meatloaf, divide into 5.

In a large casserole layer as follows: Chickpeas, Shin (cut into 5) garlic, onion, cloves, now season. Between the meat wedge the meatballs.

Wrap the rice in cloth, or put in a steamer basket, place on top of meat.

Surround the rice with potatoes, carrots, parsnips/sweet potatoes eggs and dried fruit. Season with a little salt and pepper and pour over enough water to cover

Bring to the boil on the hob and simmer for an ¼ hour. Cook overnight in low oven. The eggs are used for breakfast. The liquor for soup, the rest is your main course.