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My name is Anne, welcome to my web site. Thanks to Charles and Alex for their input and for being there when I have technical questions. I hope you will find the site useful as a gluten-free recipe resource- all my original recipes are still here plus a few more pictures.

I am based in the UK and use UK spelling except for Celiac which I spell the American way as many people who suffer from gluten and wheat problems spell it this way. My apologies to any British coeliacs who use the Latin original. Celiac disease (also known as Sprue in the States) is not the only reason why some of you are wheat/gluten free - other conditions benefit from this diet as many of you who visit this site may be aware.

I am both wheat and gluten intolerant and have been for a number of years. However, I have been cooking a meal from scratch most nights- or so it seems- of my teenage & adult life. The kitchen is the centre of my home, I love cooking, creating and tasting and you can't beat the smells wafting through the house.

I have set up this web site as a complete kosher celiac/gluten free cookery guide and recipe resource. I am not health professional. This site is based on personal experience and the scraps of paper I have jotted things down on over the last 30 years as well as my continued “inventions” in the kitchen today. I have written and still actually write a cookery column for a synagogue magazine and contribute to other publications, have written 2 Celiac Cookbooks, as well as giving talks and demos.  My ingredient quantities are given in both grams and ounces they do not co-relate exactly but I have cooked both ways. Many of the recipes use gluten free substitutes. However, please note that any flour, whatever it is, varies from batch to batch in liquid uptake so you may have to adapt liquids very slightly.

Some parts of the world do not have gluten-rich grains. There are many recipes that are naturally gluten free and these are the "complete" parts, as "man cannot live by bread alone". Don’t look on being wheat/gluten free as a chore but a whole new adventure which like life is a journey.

I add to this site when I can, time permitting and try to remember to photograph dishes before they are eaten - but tend to forget;  please remember these are amateur snaps not professional photographs.

Please feel free to leave feedback on my
contact page. Now let's start cooking.

Welcome to my Gluten Free World

Wonderful site, what a brilliant idea.

Rabbi Mike

Well done Anne. I had a look and it is really interesting
. - Janet K

My daughter has just been diagnosed coeliac and I came across your site. I found it very useful as we keep strictly kosher.

Despite the fact I'm not Jewish & have no intolerances to anything I love your website - Janice

I'm glad I found your website and am already making much use of your information. I am thankful for sites like yours. I may not be Kosher, but your site is SO useful and easy to navigate. Thank you again.  - Marie

Your site is great, keep up the good work.
a fellow gluten free cook - Camille

What a delight to come across your website! Thank you so much for your interesting, unusual and mostly easy recipes and the fact that I can now make YomTov food that all will eat! Kol hakavod to you - Judy

You just made me and my daughter so happy!!! - Ruth W

Thank you for simplifying my life! I haven't even looked at your site as I just stumbled onto it but it's by someone kosher and gf so, it's gotta be good! - Rune

What a great site you have! - S B

Thank you for putting together and sharing your kosher gluten free page. It's a great resource, and a bunch of the recipes are things I haven't seen other places. I'm looking forward to trying some of them - R C

Thank you very much for you effort God may bless you - Alice V

I may not be Kosher, but your information is still useful to me. Thank you - Mary

Thank you for sharing this resource on the web. I can imagine it takes a lot of time, and it's kind of you to make your recipes available to the rest of us. - Blimi

Comments: thank you for the great recipes, getting little tired of kasha breads - Shaw

Thank you for your interesting recipes - Sharon S