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Gluten Free Makmoura

Parve, Vegan, Dairy Free

Serves 8

A very simple dish that serves 8 which is often found on the menu of Jews of Persian origin. I find it is a good vegetarian supper dish. I have also tried this using quinoa and it works well but has more of the texture one associates with bulgur wheat salads

650g (12oz) basmati rice about 2 cups
1 litre (35fl oz) about 4 cups water or vegetable stock
Oil to cover base of your frying pan
500g (1lb) stir-fry rice noodles
500g(1lb) chopped onion
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp gluten free garam masala or curry powder
½ tsp crushed cardamom
1 tsp crushed coriander
200g (7oz) golden sultanas
325g (12oz) winter squash
125g (4oz) sweet red pepper.
125g (4oz) carrots

Cook the rice until almost all the liquid is absorbed.

Crush the noodles and chop your onion, squash, carrots and pepper.  Heat the oil and fry the spices to release their aroma, add the onions and vegetables and soften takes about 7 minutes on low.

Add the noodles and continue cooking until they just turn brown.

Stir in the rice, raisins . Heat together for 3-4 minutes stirring so that vegetables are warmed through.

Serve with hard boiled eggs and fresh chopped coriander.