The Kosher Celiac’s
Passover Cookbook

Over 75 Fantastic Tasty Recipes plus
an additional 100 Variations
pecialist solutions for a Gluten Free Passover
Over 60 new recipes that do not appear on the web site

Food filled with Flavour for all the Family
to enjoy whether you are
Gluten Free or just like Good Food

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Recipe Index

Starters: Easy Charoset, Eastern Cooked Charoset, Asparagus with Capers, Asparagus & Smoked Salmon Cocktail,
Easy Aubergine Dip, Seder Plate Dip, Blue Cheese & Watercress Pate, Mediterranean Cucumber Salad, Goujons of Chicken or Fish with a Coconut Crust, Avocado, Orange & Fennel.

Soups & Soup Garnishes: Celery Soup, Celery & Danish Blue Soup, Clear Chicken Soup, Creamy Chicken Soup, Tangy Tomato Soup, Minestrone Soup, Passover Egg Noodles, Pesach Kneidelach (“Matzo Balls”) / Stew Dumplings,
Pesach Mandel, Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Pasta, Pastry & Pancakes: Lasagne & Cannelloni Pasta, Meat Lasagne, Tangy Vegetarian Lasagne, Italian Potato Pastry, Pesach Pancakes, Baked Cheese Blintzes.

Fish: Spinach & Smoked Salmon Roulade, Mackerel with Mustard & Fruit Sauce, Whole Stuffed Fish with Fennel, Salmon or Tuna Fish Cakes, Gefilte Fish, Fish in Tangy Orange & Egg Sauce.

Poultry: Oven Baked “Fried Chicken”, Chicken Tagine, Piquant Pot Roast Chicken with Prune Dumplings, Stuffed Turkey Slices

Vegetarian: Carrot, Spinach & Goat’s Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper Roulade, Prune & Potato Dumplings, Mushroom Pie with Crispy Mash, Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese Bake, Quinoa & Sweet Potato Burgers, Spinach & Cottage Cheese Quenelles, Mushrooms / Tomatoes stuffed with Spinach & Cottage Cheese, Creamy Vegetable & Pistachio Nut Curry, Indian Omelet, Parsnip & Gruyere Melt, Processor Potato Kugel, Pumpkin Kugel, Nut & Mushroom Kugel, Sicilian Sweet & Sour Vegetables, Italian Pastry Tray Bakes & Quiche (Flan)

Sauces: Tangy Tomato Sauce , Fish Stock, Tartare Sauce, Simple White Sauces & More

Breads & Crackers: Quinoa & Sweet Potato Flat Breads, Pesach Flat Breads & Crackers, Cottage Cheese Pastry Crackers & Straws, Passover Puff Rolls, Quinoa Crackers & Flat Breads.

Desserts: Pumpkin Kugel with Apple and Raisins, Chestnut Chocolate Custard Pots, Crème Patisserie,  
Pouring Custard, Coffee and Fruit Cups, Meringue or Macaroon Mess, Choux Buns and Filling, Coffee Walnut Meringues,Apricot Chocolate & Almond Upside Down Dessert, Almond Pudding, Pesach Marmalade Pudding with Fruit.

Cakes & Cookies (Biscuits): Citrus Quinoa Granola Squares (Flapjacks), Coconut Volcanoes, Mum’s Macaroons, Hilda’s Cinnamon Balls, Old Fashioned Arrowroot Cookies , French Chocolate & Almond Cake, Mocha Roulade & Layer, Almond & Lemon Cake, Chocolate Chestnut Cake, Italian Carrot Cake, Potato Flour Plava , Pesach Marmalade Cake.

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